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Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders:

Music Therapy and Sensory Integration


Autism can be broadly defined as a disability that significantly affects one’s communicative, interpersonal, behavioral and social functioning. Music therapy is a clinical and behavioral treatment modality that can often stimulate, motivate and integrate autistic client’s strengths and potentials.  Music therapy supports the goals and objectives of the treatment team and is uniquely effective in working with autistic clients who are non – verbal or profoundly communicably and / or behaviorally delayed.  Music offers these clients energy, experience, and an emotional release in a non – threatening, engaging and enriching interplay between client and therapist.

6:00 PM at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth on Monday April 10, 2017

Alan-photoAlan Wittenberg, Certified Music Therapist, provides individual and group sessions to clients of all ages at the Surry Music Therapy Center, located in Surry, Maine. Alan also visits and conducts music therapy sessions at:

  • schools and universities
  • nursing homes and hospitals
  • day and residential programs

throughout the state of Maine. Alan also does conference presentations and training in Japan and Russia at the centers that he founded.

MUSIC touches us when words cannot. It is instinctive and intuitive in all of us, regardless of disability. It reflects who we are and helps us to realize who we can be.

Since (my son) has started back with you I’ve seen wonderful changes. He’s even more happy then he was, concentration (focusing) has increased and eye contact as well.

– Mother of a child with autism

View some photos of the Saint Petersburg Center for Music Therapy and Alan’s visit.

Alan gave seminars at universities and hospitals throughout Japan from October 22 thru November 22. Please visit the Japan Page to view his work.

An International seminar at Surry Music Therapy Center with Japanese students from Nigata University