Photo Gallery

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The Surry Music Therapy Center Photo Gallery

Husson University clinical onsite visit to Dirigo Pines Retirement Community during a music therapy course Alan taught in May 2008. Featured are some Husson students as well as Dirigo Pines residents.

Camp CaPella – Alan working with disabled children at Camp Capella, Lake Lucerne, Maine, assisted by music therapists from the Saint Petersberg Center for Music Therapy.

Our Russia Photo Gallery

Working with Russian children. Our two senior therapists at the Saint Petersburg Center for Music Therapy – Natasha and Galina worked with them during the sessions.

Miscellaneous Photos of St. Petersburg

Our Japanese Photo Gallery

The photos below were taken at the Kyoto International Center Seminar on October 24th.. Also some photos of a lunch break at a traditional noodle shop.

The seminar at Gifu Women’s Junior College on October 29th.
The topic was Music therapy a Cross Cultural Comparison: Maine USA, Saint Petersburg, Russia and Japan.
Ayako Sugata Konishi is the music therapy professor at the the college.
Ayako sensei was one of my first music therapy students in Japan in the early 1990’s.

The photos below were taken while I did a series of demonstration sessions with 8 disabled children in the city of Fuji, Japan on October 31, 2010. The city of Fuji is located next to Mt. Fuji the biggest mountain in Japan.