Testimonials from Parents of Children with Disabilities.

During the course of time in which you (work with my son) eye contact, vocalizing, words (as well as two word phrases) and tolerance for certain stimuli, greatly increases… This is just to let you know how valuable the type of therapy you do is. The part you play in (his) life is making it easier for him to cope with his world and opening it up to him.

– Mother of a child with autism

Since (my son) has started back with you I’ve seen wonderful changes. He’s even more happy then he was, concentration (focusing) has increased and eye contact as well.”

– Mother of a child with autism

Your work with (my son) this morning brought tears to my eyes- the two of you were working at the keys so well together. That is, of course, a tribute to your skills, intuition, and hopes. I appreciated the work, as well as your insights into his psychology and self-concept. Thank you for your efforts.”

– Father of a child with autism

Thank you very much. I had such a wonderful time the other day. My son looked so happy. Of course I also felt happy. We are lucky…to now know about music therapy.

– Mother of a Japanese child with disabilities

What some of Alan’s Students have to say about his past courses.

I enjoyed this class, I found it interesting.

(The classes) balanced out in a positive way from lecture, videos, to instruments and group discussions.

This class showed me how music therapy can bring joy and happiness into peoples’ lives. Not only positive feelings but (also) physical and communication skills and much, much more.

I think many people will benefit from this information. I definitely will use this information in my future work.

This class is very informative and moving … I came into this class blind and you opened my eyes to music therapy. It is a great and moving subject.

The presentation style of this course was a welcome change from the trend … now of simply using PowerPoint lectures. It is in this manner the instructor was able to better fit the lessons to students needs and interests…This course is most certainly one that I would/will recommend to my peers … Honestly, the most interactive and interesting class I’ve had all year.

This class was a good, positive learning experience. It helped me see what music therapy is all about and the benefits. It was a learning experience that I found enjoyable. I liked looking at information on the websites as well as learning information in class.