The St. Petersburg Center for Music Therapy

Conceived in the spirit of international friendship and understanding, The St. Petersburg Center for Music Therapy was created as a non-profit humanitarian project providing ongoing music therapy treatment services to disabled children, adolescents and adults. This center is dedicated to bringing music therapy to Russian people.

The Center received official status as a registered center from the City of St. Petersburg in 1993. It continues to function as a unique and meaningful international project in St. Petersburg, Russia. In August of 2010, we celebrated our seventeenth anniversary.There are five music therapists currently working at the center with 30 – 40 children and adolescents a week.

Several of the children are from foriegn or international families. The center is acknowledged by the International Women’s Club and receives annual support from the club and other donors.

Alan Wittenberg has made over thirty trips back to the St. Petersburg Center, to continue working on his vision of bringing first class music therapy to Russia. He also hosts Russian music therapists at his center in Surry, Maine.

St. Petersburg Conferences:”Music Therapy: Making Contact” – Alan Wittenberg coordinated and was keynote presenter at a series of four international conferences in St. Petersburg. These conferences in 1992, 1993, 1996 and 1998 brought together clinical, medical, rehabilitative specialists and music therapists from Japan, France, Sweden, Germany, Georgia, Russia and the U.S.

Alan’s lectures and seminars have been presented at:

  • Bektherev Psychoneurological Institute
  • St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music
  • Gertzina Cultural Institute
  • St. Petersburg Center for Music Therapy
  • St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical Institute
  • St. Petersburg Association for Psychotherapy and Training
  • St. Petersburg First Medical Institute
  • St. Petersburg Clinic for Nervous Disorders

The St. Petersburg Staff below (from left to right: Natasha Solovyova – Clinical Director, Galina Rybeshskyaya – Senior Music Therapist, Tanya Constantinova – Music Therapist, Elena Krasnova – Music Therapist)

View some of our favorite photos of the Russian Center in Our Photo Gallery.